sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013

Sooooooooo VERY GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!! Extremely very good!

"In my case, I had a hard time becoming fluent in the second language because of the interference of two factors. The first factor was learning strategy, which was translating (L2 to L1 to L2 again) due the fact that my foreign language classes focused on The Grammar Translation approach. It was a slow strategy that caused me a lot of headaches and frustration. I spent a whole year translating while I was an exchange student. The second interference was low self-esteem, the belief of not being able to produce L2, due to the oppressed education I experienced in undergraduate school in Brazil. Professors believed that low grades reflect a hard school (meaning "good"), so nothing was good enough. Undergraduate students got to graduation scared to use the target language. (Disponível em:"


"Not only is the pronunciation of English difficult for foreign students of ESL, but also the English spelling is a real problem for all the English native speakers, especially for the young people going to Elementary School. Every native speaker of English is faced at an early age with a largely illogical spelling system for the language whose sounds they have already internalized."


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