quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014


The couple married and went to the edge of a lake to pass the honey moon.
The husband was tired and decided to stand in the inn sleeping.
The wife took a book and went to the boat which the husband had already rented with all stuff to fishing. When she was reading sitting inside the boat in the middle of the lake, a forest guard showed up and said: - Madam, you are breaking the law by to fish in a forbidden place! And the woman responded: - Sorry, Mr. guard, but I'm not fishing, I'm just reading a book! Then, the policeman told: - But you have all the equipment, you can begin at any time. The woman so, answered: - Whether you continue to disturb me, I'm going to report you to the court by sexual harassment! - But, madam, I didn't even touch you with a finger! - And the woman: - Yes, but you have all the equipment, you can start at any time! - Good afternoon, madam. Have a good reading. Morals of story: "You shall never start an argument with an informed woman."

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