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If your internal body´s temperature falls to 20 degrees Celsius you die.
If your internal body´s temperature rises up to 42 degrees Celsius you die.
If environmental temperature falls to -66 degrees Celsius you die (in 30 seconds!).
If environmental temperature rises to 127 degrees Celsius you die (in 20 minutes).
If your brain remains without oxygen for more than 3 minutes it dies.
If your body stand without oxygen for more than 11 minutes and 35 seconds (worldwide record) you die.
If you stand without eat and drink water for more than three days you die.
If you stand without eat for more than 30 days, only drinking water, you die.
If you drink more than 6 liters of water at once, even pure water, you die.
If you are hit by a moving automobile at more than 60 kilometers per hour, you die.
If you fall from a height of more than 100 meters, you die.
You can die even if having a fallen, in bad manner! (on the floor, from the height of your body!!!)
If you drink liquids or eat food contaminated, you die, fast or slowly depending on contaminant.
If you are bitten by a venomous animal you die.
If a small blade (a razorblade, for instance) cut your carotid artery, you die. (in fifty seconds! Medical data!)
You still have four more arteries, two in the arms and two femoral, which whether are drilled and you have no help, you die also, however slowly.
If you choke on a chicken bone, with a herringbone or if you have allergies to certain food, you die asphyxiated by laryngeal edema.
If you get hit by lightning, most of the time you will die.
If you get an electric shock and electric current that passed through your brain or heart was bigger than a measly 75 mA (0.075 A) , you die .
If you get a shot that pierces a vital organ, you die.
If exposed to fire, you die, if you are confined in the fire place, may die also, only with intoxication with smoke.
If you are compressed or stretched you die.
If an explosion happens near you (of a certain magnitude) you die.
If an earthquake happens you can die.
If a flood happens, you can die.
If a hurricane happens, you can die.
If you have sex with a sick person (an aids patient), you can die.
If you acquire any of the dozens of diseases that doctors have cataloged, you can die, fast or slowly, depending on the disease.
Even if everything is ok and anything of those happens, only because have been passed more than 90 or 130 years, you will die.

After considering all this, do not you think A MIRACLE that you're alive and well?

          I always remember a paper I used to study when I was in pre-university course that said "Life is a highly unlikely phenomenon and maintained at the expense of a great expenditure of energy."

Think about it! I have spoken!

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