sexta-feira, 8 de março de 2013

Silly Stories

           As this blog is mine for sure and here I feel like in my house on pajamas or worst (naked! =D), I reserve myself the right to write what I want because although the site is opened to the world, I don’t obligate anyone to access it and read it. By the way, I am virtually against everything which is an obligation.
            My yesterday English class was terrible. The teacher asked us to tell a scary story imaginary or not, unfortunately I didn't get to remember or creating anything. Everything that I achieved remembering were three silly stories which the unique virtue they had is to be all facts of the real life. Maybe because I have a tendency (like a classmate of me who I heard in the presentation of yesterday said) to be skeptical and I believe that’s the reason why supernatural things don’t happen to me, these things only occur with people who believe in it.
            Well, as I didn’t tell the stories yesterday because I considered them not scary at all and maybe silly stories, I decided to write them here and let some occasional reader to judge if they are scary, silly or whatever.
             In the first story, last Monday I was returning to home, calmly and was driving my car, listening music through a dark street (Setor de Indústria, Brasília, Brazil), which is a way I normally choose when I want to escape from the traffic on the main avenue, when, suddenly, the wheel of the car which was moving beside of my car took a stone from a hole on the asphalt and threw it in direction of my vehicle! For lucky the stone, which was of a brick size big, entered beneath my car and followed to rear of it hitting on the floor of the car each time it ricocheted on the floor of the street and making a enormous noise. I know that is insane, but I got angry and not scared. I say insane because I know that is impossible to a driver to predict exactly where each wheel of the car is going to pass.
             The second story that I remember is about a situation when I got stuck inside a lift in Santo Amaro, a quarter of Rio de Janeiro where I went to visit some friends of mine. There was a blackout, and the elevator stood stuck between two floors. Inside the lift we were, another guy and I, the citizen was an occasional passenger who was using the lift too. The old elevators had different doors. The doors of the modern lifts, in general, are of sliding style, a part of the door displaces over a rail or something like that. The door of the elevators from the past functioned as a common door of a house, turning around an axis; like a cover of a common box, but in the vertical position, its type name is swing door. At that moment, I said: “I will not wait here, I’m going out!” In the sequence, I folded my own body and sat me on my feet I enhanced my arm caught the lock of the door, which was in the top of it, and pulled back, so the door was released, I pushed it forward, and when I was going out, the guy said: “I’ll go with you!” I answered him: “So, jump away forward in one time and with energy, because if you fall back you will fall in the hole of the elevator!” This way, I am here, alive and telling those stories to you all.
             The third story happened when I was around ten. I was playing with my colleagues in a cistern, a storm drain, or something alike, what I know is that the place was a hole in the ground with a type of hatch in the top (without cover) and a iron ladder to access. We discovered this place and we spent an amount of time cleaning and removing the trash from within there. On the next day we backed there to play and when the first of us was going down to enter in the place, an adult hand appeared from nowhere and caught the ankle of the kid! The boy cried, kicked the hand and everybody ran away screaming and frightened. Later, I imagined that the owner of the hand would be a beggar who lived there, but for all of us we were certain that was a real ghost! (If is possible that something like that could be REAL! =D).