quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

About Titanic

There's a theory that the correct action of the command of the ship would be to decrement the speed of the vessel and let it hit with the front (bow) in the ice mountain. This way, the damages would be smaller, also because the bow is made harder than the hull. This way, in worst case, only two or three compartments would be harmed or flooded and the boat would speared in the iceberg or would sink slowly permitting to save a large amount of people, or maybe also recover the ship later. Unfortunately, the knowledge about icebergs on this era was minor than nowadays, after, it would be impossible to the captain to know which amount of ice was beneath his boat or even the position of the biggest parts, since an iceberg is an asymmetric physical body, a type of amorphous mass. Furthermore, when we are within of an accident, by the most that a professional be trained, as an mariner officer , always exists the anxiety which disturbs the reasoning and the taking of decisions.