quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014


It seems that everybody is obligated to be developed, and, if the person doesn't want to be? Maybe someone want to remain primitive and live in the country side, on the mountains or in a forest or jungle . And then, what is the problem? What happens is that capitalism makes a brain wash in the people and convinces them that technology, culture, communication and development are indispensable to live. It's a big lie! This interests to capitalism to continue exploiting the people and get each once more money. If we jog our memory or make a research we'll remember that the our ancestors lived without all those things. It's true that there was a time when the people died with less than forty years, and is also true that it was like that because they hadn't no other option, but, nowadays it can be an option, only depend of each person. It's true also that is possible a sustainable consumerism. We have to find means to convince the people - mainly the more youngsters - that sustainability is possible, before it's too late. Whether it is not one already!